• Lindsay Finnen

Go Home,Harvey 😒

As with everyone in the Houston area, I have been overwhelmed with everything "Harvey" for the past two weeks. My children and I are safe, we haven't lost much except time, school, and money. My heart has been on a rollercoaster the entire time. For a few days, I had no contact with my sister. (She dropped her phone in the water.) I was unaware of how or if my father would evacuate his home in Katy. His house took on 5-6ft of water. I cannot even begin to describe the urgent anxiety one feels while being totally helpless to assist a loved one. All of this while trying to organize a much needed move into a larger home for us all. SideNote: future home held up in the historical flooding as well. I'm writing all of this because I suppose I have finally processed enough to put into words our experience. As a family we have donated 50 children's books for the schools and libraries that lost their supply. Clothes and hygiene supplies. But so much more is needed. We have one car, but there is no gas anywhere. So even though grocery store is open, I cannot get there. Not to mention the lack of funds to spend there in the first place. Cancellations abound, which does not bode well for our financial future. At this point I shall cut short my emotional purging, and get back to job hunting. Thanks to all who have sought to support Houston and its metropolitan areas. 

Tamarac Park Picnic Benches; flooded; Harvey

Nature Trail of The Woodlands; flooded; Harvey

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