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Find the time, relatively...

Do blogs really increase the viability/visibility of your brand? I recall a time when blogs were errythang, and one could make a living, or get recognized professionally from your witty content and relevant visuals. Can the general public sustain an attention span long enough to really comprehend, or ingest the contents of this post? I am not sure any longer. I question if my efforts are futile. I have been very busy, personally and professionally. I share these adventures with my family and friends. It feels appropriate to share with them, rather than the pseudo subscribers that may or may not be following my exploits. Is it bragging, or just sharing joy? These are the questions that ricochet in my mind. Had I a topic to discuss, perhaps I would write more. What would you like to see? Images? How to's? A breakdown of the creative process? Let me know, I will do my best to oblige and provide a decent interpretation of my mind.

I realize my style is not for all. I also understand that not everyone will be moved by my vision. These are obviously not my audience or potential clientele. I am ok with that. I rely on the symbiotic nature of the process, for satisfying results. If there is no chemistry, or trust, we cannot succeed. I will always come authentic and vulnerable to the creative table. Won't you meet me there, and have a seat?

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